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The Gift of Music
Free Music Downloads from
Chief Jahtlohi Rogers and
The Cherokee Nation of Mexico

To download and play MP3 audio files, right-click and select “Save Target As” to the “Music Folder” on your hard drive.

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Walela (Hummingbird)


In music “Walela” which means Hummingbird in Cherokee, is a cool multi-generational mix of traditional Cerokee roots fused with gospel and rock influences. It also means three inspired singers, Rita Coolidge, her sister Priscilla and Pricilla’s daughter, Laura Satterfield. However earthbound you may consider yourself, everything changes when a hummingbird suddenly swoops into your garden, The very air is changed and there’s a feeling of quiet excitement. That same excitement happens every time they step on stage.

“Walela” was featured as part of Robbie Robertson’s Red Road Ensemble album, “Music for Native Americans” in which their distinctive vocal blend brought to life “The Cherokee Morning Song”. They were featured during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics where they represented both the Cherokee Nation and the United States. Their 1998 debut album earned then the Debut Artist of the Year Award and the recognition of the Native American Music Awards. And in 2002 “Walela” appeared during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, again representing the Cherokee Naion and the United States. Click on the song title to hear their award winning rendition of the Cherokee Morning Song

Tommy Wildcat

Tommy Wildcat

“Tommy Wildcat” is an accomplished Cherokee recording artist, using a variety of traditional handmade Indian flutes. He is a self-taught musician and flute maker. Wildcat's flute albums are uniquely produced with the background sounds of wind, water drums, and the essence of the night. His compositions are origional music honoring the elders, family, friends, and the heritage of the Native people. His mysic is meditatively soothing as well as entertaining. Wildcat's musical performances and credits include the film industry, television, publications, “N.A.M.A. Flutist of the Year Award” and traveling both nationally and abroad. He continues to promote the beauty fo Native American cualture. To hear one of Tommy Wildcat's songs, please click ont the song title.“Cherokee Elders”

Our Captivating Cherokee diva of the Cherokee Nation of Mexico, AMY HYMEL BROWNLOW

Our Captivating Cherokee diva of the Cherokee Nation of Mexico,

Amy was born in the state of Louisiana and has lived in Brownsville since the age of three. She completed her education at the University of Texas at Austin where she earned a Music Education degree with a Performance Certificate, and then a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance.

In December of 2002, Ms. Brownlow made her debut as a soloist with the Valley Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Peter Dabrowski. Also in 2002, Brownlow was hired by the Cherokee Nation of Mexico to record and perform the Peace Prayer written by Dr. Charles and Sheron Rogers. Dr. Rogers is the chief of the Cherokee Nation of Mexico. Brownlow has traveled throughout Mexico performing in various Cherokee Nation gatherings. She has also made recordings of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” translated into Cherokee and recorded an original song also written by the Rogers.

“Cherokee Peace Prayer” in English/Cherokee
(Lyrics by Sheron, Charles & Charles Rogers in a desire to express the need for peace in these times. Amy is truley gifted to be able to sing this song.)
“Cherokee Peace Prayer” in English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Cherokee
“Cherokee Peace Prayer” in Spanish/Cherokee
“Cherokee Peace Prayer” in French/Cherokee
“Cherokee Peace Prayer” in German/Cherokee
“Cherokee Peace Prayer” in Italian/Cherokee

“What Have They Done” in English/Cherokee
(Music and lyrics by Chief Rogers, his wife Kamama and Prophecy Rogers - a bluesy lament with gospel overtones which is a warning to Cherokees and all people of good heart to take a heed of what has been done to the earth and her people. Amy’s rendition is heart-rending.)

“Crying” By Roy Orbison - Amy Brownlow Sings in Cherokee/English
(This classic song by Roy Orbison was a natural for Amy Brownlow’s Cherokee honesty and sheer talent.)

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